Conservatorship, Possession and Access, and Child Support


Family law matters can be a difficult transition period for all parties. In any case involving children, the primary consideration is always the "best interest of the child". Certain factors can be used in arguing contested issues in conservatorship, allocation of rights and duties, possession and access, child support and medical support. Most cases are very fact specific.

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Don't risk losing custody of your children

Don't risk losing custody of your children

It's never safe to assume the outcome of any child custody case. The court bases its decisions on many factors, so it's important to have a family law professional on your side. The Harrison Firm will help you navigate custody considerations like:

  • Joint vs. Sole Conservatorship
  • Standard Possession Orders and Custom Possession Orders
  • Injunctions & Geographic Restrictions
  • Child Support Evaluations

We'll always do what's best for your children and will fight aggressively for your parental rights.