Defend Your Rights Against a D.W.I. Charge

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Have you recently been charged with a D.W.I. offense? There are many complex laws surrounding these charges. You need an experienced criminal law attorney to uphold your rights against the prosecution. Contact The Harrison Firm, PLLC to retain a skilled criminal defense lawyer in Conroe, TX.

The Harrison Firm recognizes the harsh penalties and devastating effects associated with a D.W.I. charge. The Harrison Firm will fight aggressively to protect your legal rights. If you are arrested for DWI or an alcohol related offense that your driver's license will be at risk of being suspended. You must request a hearing to defend your license within fifteen (15) days of receiving the notice of suspension from the arresting officer. If you do not request an ALR hearing within the 15-day time period, your driver's license will automatically be suspended.

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Will your charges stand up under scrutiny?

Will your charges stand up under scrutiny?

Just because an officer charged you with a D.W.I., doesn't mean all procedures were handled correctly. The Harrison Firm will investigate every angle and challenge factors, such as:

  • Probable Cause
  • Illegal stops, Detention, and Arrests
  • Field Sobriety Tests
  • Portable Breath Test Devices, Breath, Blood, or Urine Alcohol Tests
  • Dash Cam or Body Cam Video

Feel confident that your case is in the hands of someone who understands the system and is working in your best interests. Contact The Harrison Firm to speak with a criminal defense lawyer today.